Nope, you’re not at the wrong blog..I promise.

Tonight we’re going to have breakfast for dinner…and not just any breakfast, but a traditional Mexican breakfast…YU-MEE! or, excuse me, SABROSA!

Huevos con Chorizo

(using Chorizo Fresco, the soft variety as opposed to the smoked, hard variety)


  • 1 lb chorizo
  • 8 eggs
  • splash of milk


  • Preheat skillet to medium (don’t use an iron skillet, it will be a PAIN to clean!).
  • Remove chorizo from casing and place in pan.
  • Cook until firm, resembling finely ground beef, about 7-8 minutes.
  • Drain in colander, return to pan.
  • In medium bowl, whisk eggs and milk together until fluffy.
  • Pour eggs into pan, scramble eggs mixing thoroughly with chorizo.

Serve with warm corn tortillas, refried beans, and diced fried potatoes for a complete meal. Garnish with any or all of the following: cheddar cheese or queso fresco, sour cream, salsa, tobasco, green onion.